My professional background is Accounting and Operations Management and I also earned my MBA.  I LOVED the corporate world… until I had kids.  I didn’t know I would have a change of heart and actually want to stay at home with my children and become “that mom” who would want to volunteer at her child’s school!  Joining this team gave me options and was originally my Plan B, until life happened and it became my Plan A!  This business has allowed me to fulfill the goal of owning a business and working from my home, around my children, without selling anything or dealing with all the overhead and paperwork and liability that owning a business usually entails.  I love seeing my son’s face light up now when I volunteer at his school!  I get to work with amazing like-minded people who all share the same passion as I do about putting our family first while providing financial stability for our loved ones.  This noble business can provide a GREAT life for those who want it!



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