My husband is a school teacher and we have five boys who are very active in football, basketball, track, and baseball. We need to keep everyone healthy. I felt we would always get the common flu, and colds. Our youngest suffered from eczema, and our ten year old suffers from an autoimmune disease. So I started researching and realized that my everyday products were making all of us worse! I learned that most cleaning and laundry products are actually very hazardous to our health. I didnt believe that until I saw the results in my family and in our home. All we did was simply switch shopping stores. With our sons disease comes several medications including a chemo-therapy shot weekly.Within one month of switching products, his blood work results improved so much that I proudly say he no longer needs the shot! Also, with wanting to be  such an active family, we take supplements that have been tested and have the HIGHEST absorption rate in the country! From the sports drinks with electrolytes, protein bars and shakes, we stay healthy and fit. No extra money spent, and  our lives are changed forever. You cannot put a price tag on that!



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