I’m a mom making healthier choices for my family.  When my daughter was only a year old, cruising along in our apartment and pulling herself up using the dining room chairs, I realized very quickly that it was time to rethink laundry detergent in our household.  She grabbed the bottle on the table during one of her cruising moments and it fell on the floor and some liquid splattered on the floor.  I was right there and was so lucky I pulled her up before her hands touched it and went in to her mouth.  The “what If she drank some” scenario really made me stop and think about what’s really in detergent.   I was using the typical baby detergent that everyone bought assuming if it was for baby clothes, then it had to be safe.   I discovered that there were caustic chemicals in laundry detergent.  Switching products was a must as my research led me to a company that makes safer laundry detergent and household cleaning products at affordable pricing. 

Today, we are living wellness on a budget across many other health & lifestyle areas including sports nutrition, vitamin/mineral supplementation, aromatherapy and even coffee!!   We are so happy we switched stores several years ago and could not imagine our lives without these safer products in our home.  Wellness is obtainable on a budget. 

Feel free to call me.  Let's help you get started with safer products.

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